Let’s be Kind for AUTISM

D.T.E.A.M (Differently Talented Extraordinary Autism Minds) is an organization that solves problems to better the world for autism. Allowing autistic families to have a platform to be happy without judgement.

What We Do?

We Are In A Mission To Help The World of Autism

Technology 4 Autism

We use technology to our advantage by creating innovative tools that help our loved ones with day to day tasks and safety. Being able to create unique tech solutions for the life of autism that allows them to be present with their community is one step closer to acceptance/awareness.

Support 4 Autism

Caring for special needs or having a diagnosis isn't always easy, however it's a whole lot better if you have a support group with love. From birth being an Autism parent is a task, guessing game, and a emotional roller coaster. Here at DTEAM we stand for "it takes a village to raise a child."

Resources 4 Autism

Our D.T.E.A.M families are faced with many problems thoughout the caring for our special blessing, D.T.E.A.M tries to introduce resources that can help. "I'm Sorry!" an initiative program or resource that fixes household repairs caused by autism stimming or behaviors.

DTEAM 4 Autism

Everyone is different, there isn't 1 person with autism the same. Accommodating autism with programs, events, a platform to be free of their judgement. Talents, skills, social ability, and more; DTEAM allows autism to be free.

About Us

We Are In A Mission To Change The World For AUTISM.

(Differently, Talented, Extraordinary, Autistic, Minds) is a not-for-profit organization that provides solutions for autistic families in our community. Solving problems with technology, programs, and support to better the world for autism acceptance. We don't say awareness we need acceptance to provide a safe world for our autistic stars to grow. 

D.T.E.A.M. supports parents with resources, support, and
love. D.T.E.A.M’s mission is to provide our autism community with a city that is autism-friendly and supportive.


Our Causes

Not 1 of any autistic person is the same. Its no longer about bring awareness, Autism is one of the highest disabilities in the US. Now is time to create solutions to help the world with acceptance.


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Meet Our Team Behind The Cause

Our Founders

Delisa Payne

Mom, serial entrepreneur, technology nerd, web/mobile developer, and Founder


Autistic self-publishing author/illustrator selling over 1.5k, daughter and Co-Founder


Autistic fashion diva that sews at the age of 7, daughter and Co-Founder

Help change the world for AUTISM.

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